June 26-29, 2013 6th Annual Political Networks Workshops & Conference Bloomington, IN
"Political Networks in an Interdisciplinary World":  Polnet 2013 @ Indiana University

Introduction to Social Network Analysis with UCINET

Date and Time: Wednesday, June 26 (8:30 am - 12:30 pm)
Room: Dogwood


This 4-hour workshop assumes a general familiarity social network concepts but no knowledge of the UCINET software. The workshop begins with importing, exporting, transforming and visualizing network data. Then we cover analysis of network data at three levels of analysis: the group or network level, the node level, and the dyad level. At the dyad level we discuss such concepts as geodesic distance, multiplexity and structural equivalence. At the node level we discuss ego network measures, such as structural holes, and more global measures, such as various concepts of centrality. At the group level we discuss ways of characterizing the shape and level of cohesion of a network. We end with a discussion of approaches to testing hypotheses in a network context. Throughout we maintain a running theme of analyzing network change over time.


Steve Borgatti is the Paul Chellgren Chair of Management at the University of Kentucky, where he is part of the LINKS Center for Social Network Analysis. He is a co-author of the UCINET software package for social network analysis. His research interests focus on the intersection of social networks and cognition, including knowledge utilization in organizations.

Teaching Assistant: Matt Fowler (Indiana University)

Required equipment/software

A laptop capable of running Windows programs (Mac computers can run Windows either using a boot camp partition or through virtualization software).